Group counseling can be extremely impactful, and help you make meaning out of your life’s experiences. It can be a great addition to individual counseling if you’re feeling stuck or just want more support in processing and coping with life. Many client’s who are stepping down from higher levels of care find groups aid in the transition. Are you curious about what group therapy might be like? Read one survivor’s experience at PsychCentral Blog.

Current Groups

  • Reclaim Beauty: Learning Body Trust and Self-Acceptance

    This group is for ages 14+ and includes all genders, gender expressions and sexual identities. In this groups clients will learn DBT skills, art therapy techniques, intuitive eating and health at every size principals to overcome poor bod image, trouble with body acceptance, eating disorders, disordered eating and poor self concepts.

  • Warrior Women: Empowerment and Resilience Over Trauma

    This group is for ages 18+ and welcomes women in all their forms and expressions. In this group clients will work on emotional regulation, self-confidence, mindfulness, grounding and many other skills that aid in recovering for trauma. This group utilize art therapy and DBT as well as TF-CBT.

  • Squad Goals: Coping with Being a Teen Through Art

    This group is for ages 13+ and welcomes all teens and young adults of all genders, gender expressions and sexuality and is LGBTQIA+ friendly. In this group teens learn DBT skills and self-expression through art therapy. This group aids teens in learning new coping skills and builds resilience as they learn to deal with the worlds issues.

  • Coffee & Conversations: For Parent’s Raising Children Who Struggle with Mental Health

    This group is for parents, guardians and caretakers who are raising a child or children who struggle with mental health, behavior and/or social issues. We recognize being a parents is hard work and that people need a safe, inviting space to come, gain support from each other and obtain expert guidance form parenting support professionals.

  • A Hero’s Journey

    This group is for teens aged 13-17-years old. Clients will make books in a comic-style narrative to create a personal story. They will create a hero that represents themselves that will go on a journey/quest toward finding peace. Each client will learn to create metaphorical obstacles that simulate current struggles and will impede them from reaching their goal and working together to come up with new ways (coping skills) to combat them.

  • Intuitive Eating: Heal Your Relationship With Food and Your Body

    This group is for adults age 18+, Couples and Family Members are welcomed and encouraged to join with their loved ones. Clients will learn the 10 Principals of Intuitive Eating and how to begin the processes of healing their relationship with food and their bodies. This group also utilizes a Health at Every Size format. This group is not for intentional weight loss and it is not a diet. It is an empirically researched medical and clinical model for developing a positive relationship with food and the body.

  • Current Workshops

  • Feeding the Soul: A Multimodal Workshop for on Eating Disorders and Body Image

    This workshop gives participants the opportunity to engage in yoga, meditation, mindfulness and art therapy centered around supporting eating disorder recovery. This new group allows for therapists looking to learn more about eating disorder treatment and for those in recovery to join in, creating a new dynamic for education and healing. Participants will be asked to bring a lunch they enjoy as mindful and intuitive eating will be part of the workshop.