The Art Of Coping: Learning Coping Skills Through Art + Mindfulness

Boys need help, too.  Too often, we are quick to tell our boys to "get over it", "man up", "don't cry", etc.  These are harmful messages we send to our boys.  We will help your child learn how to cope with anger, anxiety, depression, and other big feelings in this group. hose who identify as male, non-binary, gender fluid, transitioning, etc , and respond best to masculine energy, are all welcome.   Contact us here to learn more.

embracing the self.png

Embracing the Self: Teen Art Therapy Group for Girls

This is a group for girls struggling with self-esteem, anxiety, depression, and more.  It is meant for pre-teens and teens. Those who identify as female, non-binary, gender fluid, transitioning, etc , and respond best to feminine energy, are all welcome.    Contact us here to learn more.

Throughout the year we offer multiple groups.  Below are some examples.  Contact us to learn more!

  • Empowered Survivors- A women's therapeutic support group for survivors of trauma.
  • The Mindful Parent- An educational series on mindfulness, followed by a support group to implement mindfulness practices into parenting. 
  • The Mindful Child- A group for children held during the same time as The Mindful Parent to introduce the concept of mindfulness to children at a young age. 
  • Social and Emotional Development Groups- Age and gender specific groups for children and adolescents.