The First Blog- Writer's Block Edition

Here we go.  As the founder of Lotus Counseling of Connecticut, I am on a mission to help others heal and lead meaningful lives.  As such, I want to connect with readers in a more intimate way, and am hoping to use this blog as a place to share my own views, beliefs, thoughts, and observations about the world we live in.  I also want to share and help spread the word about what other's are researching and how we can apply it in our day to day lives/practice (i.e. Trauma Sensitive Yoga-

So, I'm totally new at blogging.  Not new to writing, I've always been a writer.  But to write for the public eye brings a whole new level of scariness and vulnerability. For today, let's keep it safe.  I've given you a link to check out a little bit about trauma sensitive yoga, along with a slide to understand a little bit further why I'm so interested in this.  For next week, let's take it a step further and talk about more. 

Until then, 


Kait Marcil, LPC

Founder of Lotus Counseling of Connecticut in Watertown, CT