The Third Blog- Family Edition

I shared in my last blog that I was getting ready to enjoy a week of vacation.  To set the context a little further, my family vacations are filled with 12 children under the age of 10, all their parents and aunts and uncles, and my parents.  So there's a lot of us.  And we make it work.  Somehow, we make it work.  Even this year, which has been a particularly difficult year for my family, we somehow made it through without hating each other. 

(And believe me, by the way.... we are not some perfect family that always gets along great.  Just the opposite.  And that's kind of the point of this blog). 

Everyone knows family is important.  Whether you love the family you got or you hate them, you know they played an important part in your life.  But how often do we stop and truly look at our families and how they have evolved over the years?  Families are not static.  They change.  People die.  Kids grow up.  Parents get divorced.  Siblings get married.  Moms get sick. 

So how do we navigate all this change?  Maybe it's as simple as being mindful of the change and how it affects the family unit.  Maybe it's as simple as remembering that your mom, your dad, your sister, your brother, your spouse, your child, your grandparent--- is a human being FIRST.  And YOUR _______ second.  We don't belong to each other.  We belong with each other, but not TO each other.  And so maybe, just maybe, it's as simple as that.  

Peace and Good Vibes, 

Kait Marcil

Founder of Lotus Counseling of Connecticut