The Second Blog- Self Care Edition

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It's easy to write about self-care today.  Today is the first day of my family vacation on Lake Champlain where I am surrounded by beautiful, surreal scenery and have nothing to do but relax. But most other days?  Self-care is work.  It doesn't come naturally to me.  It's easy to come up with a list of things to do to practice self care (yoga, meditation, mindfulness, break a sweat, take a walk, create art, etc etc etc...); but to actually do these things?  On a regular basis??  It's a struggle. But I'll share with you what I've learned. 

I've learned it takes practice.  It takes practice and loving kindness toward yourself.  Because guess what?  If you're anything like me, you'll have your days of yoga, mindfulness, and eating your greens.  And if you're anything like me, you'll also have your days of excess ice cream, constant anxiety, and actually forgetting to breathe. 

So how to practice self-care?  Simple.  Do self-care whenever you think of it.  Even if it's just for a moment in the midst of a day filled with stress.  

And how to practice loving kindness toward yourself?  Also simple.  Whenever you hear that voice in your head (you know which one I mean... the one that says you aren't good enough, smart enough, fit enough, patient enough...) you lovingly ask it to quiet down.  And you remember that you are enough.  Right now, in this very moment, you are enough. 

Peace and Good Vibes,

Kait Marcil

Founder of Lotus Counseling of Connecticut

P.S.  I said earlier that it's easy to come up with a list of self-care to do's.  But maybe it's not that easy.  Here's a list of 45 things to do by Tiny Buddha. Enjoy and take care!