The Fifth Blog- Coffee, though a delicious necessity, is not a food group Edition

I get so inspired by so many different things all the time, that it can be hard to narrow it down and pick one topic to write about.  This morning, I was going through old pictures on my phone, trying to delete duplicates and free up some storage, and I came across this beauty:

I didn’t write this, and in fact, I don’t know who did to give them credit.  But whoever came up with it, I love you.  I found this right at the start of my time off this summer, something that felt so foreign and so uncomfortable to me at first.  I was taking a whole summer off to heal.  To grieve.  To cry.  To just BE.  To give my soul a chance to breathe.  To give my body a chance to rest.  To give my brain a chance to turn off.  And it was uncomfortable. I was worried about what other people thought of me.  I was worried that really I was just slipping into a deep, dark depression that I wouldn’t be able to get out of.  I was worried that I would start self-destructing and making terrible choices.  But I didn’t.  I grieved.  I cried.  I breathed.  I rested. 


The result?  That light that was so close to burning out is slowly beginning to burn bright again.  That body, brain, and soul that was so close to being crushed is slowly beginning to resurface.  And that is a beautiful thing. 


My hope for you is that you don’t wait.  Don’t wait until something so soul-crushing happens in your life that you are forced to make a change.  Make a change now.  Let go of a few responsibilities or expectations.  Re-evaluate what you really want out of this life.  And go after it.


Peace and good vibes,