Building Resilience In Children- Top 3 Articles

There are a million articles out there about raising children.  Do this, don't do that.  Get their behavior under control.  Each parent has their own style, and as long as they are not abusing their child in any way, there is room for all different types of parents.  As a child therapist, one of the most important things I work with parents and children on is how to build resilience.  Both parent and child resilience.  There's not a whole lot out there on becoming a resilient parent, but there is a lot on building resilient children.  Resilient children learn that they can overcome challenges that are presented to them.  They learn that they have control over their thinking patterns and can choose not to get stuck in negative thinking.  It is crucial to build resilience in children.  Without it, they can become inflexible, more vulnerable, and more prone to depression and future addiction.  With it, they can become more creative, more adaptable, and better able to handle adversity and challenges.  That's all we want for our children, right?

I scoured the web to find articles that are scholarly, not necessarily just "pop psychology".  Here are the Top 3 Articles found about building resilience in children: